~ Banterlude 11 ~

Having a lovely day cycling around our locale, down single track rural roads in the sunshine. A young driver approaches in a car with a learner driver plate. She pulls in slightly at the entrance to a farm where the road is wider in order to let us pass.

Then, just as we’re approaching, she pulls out of the layby and continues driving on the narrow bit, quite slowly but in a way that makes it a bit tight for us. She looks a bit uncomfortable and we’re not really sure why she did that…

…until we get a better view of her passenger, a rotund man (?driver’s dad) who is puce in the face, gesticulating at us violently and shaking his head as he urges the driver on by.

Why tho?

Learner driver if you’re reading this, please get your lessons from someone else!

October, 2020

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