A short musing on train-and-bike travel across the Scottish/English border, PC (post-COVID)

First trip south of the border on public transport since corona was a ‘thing’.

Forgetting to book a cycle reservation for the English leg of my trip.

Staff being helpful at the platform and I have no idea how they can tell what I’m saying between the roar of the trains and the muffling effect of my face mask.

Having to do a poo in the train station toilets (don’t judge me).

Not realising you can’t sit indoors in a cafe yet in England, and having to drink my flat white under an awning in the rain.

Trying to operate a ‘clean hand, dirty hand’ policy while using the automatic ticket machine.

Forgetting to put my mask on.

Forgetting to take my mask off.

Longer queues at the ticket office because one of the terminals has been put out of use for social distancing.

English city traffic.

Lots of different brands of hand gel, some which don’t go very far and make your hands sticky, and others than run all over the place and never dry.

Do I have to wear my mask in outdoor queues?

8 May, 2021

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