~ Banterlude 14 ~

Fixing a puncture is always unpleasant, no matter how seasoned you are at changing them, no matter how keen an amateur mechanic you are, no matter how snazzy your wheels, how well-engineered your tyre levers, how hard you’re trying to impress your cycle date.

I haven’t had a puncture in ages but earlier this week, in perhaps a world first and most certainly a new low, I had a FOUR PUNCTURE DAY. Here’s a wee tidbit of advice on what not to say to someone while they’re fixing a puncture…

Well-meaning colleague, wheeling up to the bike shed then noticing me fighting with my tyre:

“OHHH, how OLD-FASHIONED, changing a puncture! Don’t you have tubeless tyres, like mine?”


Wednesday 2 December, 2021

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