About the blog

Life on Two Pedals is all about cycling. Not elite cycling or competitive cycling or Insta-romanticised it’s-always-sunny cycling. It’s about the day-to-day journey of a cyclist’s um, journeys.

It started out as an online diary of the ups and downs of an attempt to fulfil a 2019 New Year’s Resolution to travel more miles by pedal power than petrol power. Along the way I learned more about myself and my environment than expected, and I enjoyed writing about those things too. So I carried on.

A few people along the way have felt compelled by my diary to set their own green travel challenges. I hope to inspire people to do things which make them feel good and are good for the planet. But mostly I want to provide some light relief from all the bad news out there.

The internet is full of people like me proudly espousing their worldview and while there’s nothing wrong with that, web hosting uses energy too so I’m going to take each post down once it’s over a year old (unless it’s linked to a more recent post, in which case I’ll keep it for reference under ‘Archive’). If there’s any old posts that you want to read again that I’ve removed, get in touch on the comments section and I’ll arrange to get a copy to you.

None of the products or places that I mention in my posts are paid for ads. I mention them because I’ve used them and rate them or I’ve stayed there and liked it.

Love on two pedals!